Ive been working out for about 9 months and consume 3000 calories I have made some gains but nothing major.How long did it take you to see noticeable gains?

probably about 3 months! It takes a lot of time dude. Plus, you have to work out A LOT and HARD. I work out 2 hours per day, 6 days a week. Also, make sure you consume protein at optimum times and make sure you also consume it consistently throughout your day since protein will be the main source of your muscle growth. Yes, you want calories in order to burn them at the gym and have better workouts and such, but I mainly focus on my protein intake, which is explained in one of my other FAQ! (eat as many grams of protein as you weigh in pounds per day, if not more!!! I weigh 162 right now and consume about 180-200 grams per day)

However, consume about 1/3 of your daily protein immediately after your workout and space the rest out throughout the day.

Hope that helps!

Alright I get asked this a lot… as well as if I’d ever go gay or have thought about it…

The answer to if I would ever go gay is no.

Have I thought about it? No.

Do I agree with homosexual people’s preference in gender? No, but I definitely don’t judge/look down/hate them for it… They’re humans just like me and deserve the mutual respect we all should give each other. A lot of people ask if I hate gay people because I am Christian but to be honest, it’s the exact opposite. I love gay people. I think they are so charismatic and fun to be around and some of the funniest, joyful people I know. So no, I wouldn’t ever go gay, but I have a lot of gay friends and I adore them.